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Brass and Woodwind Sales and Repair
We are an authorized Band Instrument dealer and repair facility


We have many new and used band instruments available.
We are an authorized dealer for Nobel Band Instruments of Canada.

We do major and minor Brass and Woodwind repairs. Click here for more details.

We are an an authorized Eastman dealer. Click here for more details.

Eastman Warrantee. Click here for more details

Instruments available for purchase. Click here for more details

Consignments and Trade Ins. Click here for more details.

PHOTOS of all brass and woodwind instruments are available upon request by email.

      We sell new and some used student and professional instruments.
     For woodwind players, we will quote you a pleasing price on a bassoon, oboe, clarinet, flute, piccolo, english horn, or saxophone.

     For brass players, we also offer attractive prices on a trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, euphonium, or tuba.
     Please see the list of instrument brands below and call us for a quote.  We have many of these in stock and can supply the rest within one to three days, usually.
     We are located in Kitchener - Waterloo, and in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  We are close to Guelph, Cambridge, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville,  Burlington, Goderich, Woodstock, and Brantford.

Band Music - For Concert Band with Soprano Voice Arrangements       

    Please email us with your inquiries so we can bring the required instrument from our warehouse to the store before you come.

Select the type of instrument you are looking for


Instruments Available for Purchase

We have very fine Flutes, Clarinets, Oboes, Piccolos, Bassoons, Saxophones, Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns, French horns, Baritones, Euphoniums, Trombones, and Tubas,  by well-known and trusted makers:


  • Yamaha semi-professional Flute.
    Superb condition -- used infrequently, and still like new. MODEL 481.
    This open hole flute (with two optional key plugs) has a B foot, Inline G. Sterling silver body and headjoint with the standard silver-plated nickel-silver keys. Great playing qualities and sound. Nice case, and cover for the case also both in excellent condition. $1300.
  • Di Zhao model 700 flute with inline G. Sterling Silver Headjoint and body. Professional open hole flute. French style keys. B foot. Regular $2764 US. Our sales price is $2048 CDN.
  • Di Zhao model 600 flute with inline G (or offset G - both available). Sterling Silver headjoint and body. Professional open hole flute. B foot. Regular $2309 US. Our sales price is $1709 CDN
  • Student to semi-professional Eastman flutes, Semi-Professional Amadeus by Haynes flutes, Professional Haynes flutes -  See: http://eastmanmusiccompany.com/woodwinds_flutes_EFL210.php
  • Nobel ABS Piccolo #11019 (silver-plated headjoint, abs body) $579
  • Nobel 11235 student flute for children, same as #11230, but comes with a straight and a curved headjoint. A must for all flutists under the age of 12. (The curved headjoint allows for a tension-free posture and thus easier to handle and more fun to play until the hands and arms are large enough for the straight flute.) $599
  • Nobel high quality student Flute (plateau/closed holes, offset G, silverplated, C-foot) #11230 $469
  • Armstrong Flute (from Conn-Selmer USA), brand new, model 800B, completely 925 Sterling Silver with gold plated riser and endcap. Open hole (comes with nylon plugs too if wanted). Inline G key. Y-arm Keys. Fine French-style case with cover. Easy response and professional tone. A performance level instrument. Our Canadian discounted price is $1459.
  • Nobel flute #11234, open hole, Bfoot, sterling silver headjoint, offset G, G disc, quality Pisoni pads $1359
  • Nobel alto flute in G, (2 headjoints) #11227, $1899.  see www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Nobel Bass Flute in C, silver- plated, with curved head joint, and hand-rest. #11228 $inquire
  • Blessing (USA) Flute silver-plated, model B101 $495
  • Emerson USA silver-plated flute model EF1C $695 (for smaller hands)
    Emerson_flute_EF1C.gif (14230 bytes)
    Emerson's Plateau style (closed hole) EF1C student flute has a reliable mechanism, excellent, stable padding and produces a warm, projecting sound.
  • Selmer Flute #FL302 -- silver plated, closed holes, polished inner head joint, nylon adjusters  $439.00
  • Selmer Aristocrat flute #FL600- silver plated, closed holes, ribbed posts, steel springs, plastic case  $395.00
  • Mirage silver plated flute outfit. Very good instrument. $295
  • Mirage Model FL900 High grade flute. High grade silver-plated flute, B foot, offset G for comfort,
    open hole with nylon plugs for those who prefer to start with the plugs in. Delux case with cover, wooden cleaning rod and polishing cloth. $495.00
  • Andre Bardot --used flute $195.00
  • Mirage BDFL600 upgraded silver-plated flute $389


  • Piccolo Made by Hawk. Nickel plated. $280


  • Selmer Intermediate model 1400B. New clarinet, .590 bore, wook-like finish, straight holes. $695
  • Selmer CL301
    Brand new clarinet outfit. USA made. Fine quality composite body. Bore is .573", satin wood-like finish, undercut tone holes and nickel-plated keys. Fine sounding, easy response, hard rubber mouthpiece. Based on the original designs of George Bundy's student clarinets. Selmer Built to last a lifetime. more control, focused tone, smooth scale, even intonation throughout all registers. (Includes case, cork grease, swab, case strap, reed, and mouthpiece). Our Canadian discounted price is $795.
  • Nobel Bass clarinets #14088 (ABS/low C) $2969
  • Bass clarinet (ebonite) #14041 $2199: see www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Nobel E-flat clarinet: #14044 $859  see: www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Eastman Clarinets coming soon
  • Nobel B-flat clarinet (ebonite) #14041 $595
               See www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Nobel B-flat clarinet (grenadilla wood) #14046 $1395
  • Nobel B-flat clarinet (rosewood) #14034 $1569.
  • Leblanc - Bliss Clarinet, Model L210S
    Fine Performance level grenadilla wood clarinet. Real Silver keys. This clarinet plays really well. $1885
  • Leblanc Cadenza (Profressional Clarinet) Ser#.P1643/model LB130.
    Brand new. Very fine professinal clarinet. Big full tone. Easy and quick response. The body is 95% unstained Grenadilla Wood with 5% resin for durability. The keys are silver-plated. It comes with two Professional Wooden ringless barrels (see below) which are designed and made by Morrie Backun of Canada. The professional hard rubber mouthpiece comes with a French-made "Bonade" Inverted Silver-plated Ligature. The pads are the durable Valentino Synthetic. The black case is backpack style and has two good size accessory pockets on the exterior.
    The Cadenza is truly an excellent clarinet for ANY level of player and is priced better than the competing models from other manufacturers. The clarinet features excellent intonation and excellent ergonomics. It has multiple adjusting screws to keep the instrument well-regulated. The Cadenza is very free blowing and easy to play, with a very warm
    This is also an ideal doubler's clarinet. Saxophonists who want a professional-caliber clarinet that plays effortlessly will find the Cadenza a perfect fit. Our discounted price is $2500 Canadian. (Regular list is $3200).
    [Note: The Morrie Backun professional barrels are used world-wide. They effectively give the player 2 playing styles. The 65mm barrel is made of Grenadilla wood. It gives a warm, colorful sound and is used most frequently. The second barrel is 66 mm in length and is made of lighter-coloured Cocobolo Wood which gives a brighter sound when that is required.
    The traditional 66mm length means that the player has to play with a more controlled embouchure. This barrel yields an absolutely beautiful upper register with great response.
  • NORMANDY clarinet, Made in France, with case.
    The upper and middle joints are made of African Blackwood (Grenadilla wood) for fine tone. The original mouthpiece, bell, and barrel are of plastic resonite. This is a fine quality used clarinet with new pads. It
    plays well. $595.00 outfit.
  • Used Bundy clarinet by Selmer. Serial #656170.
    This is a well-built and popular model of clarinet by Selmer. It was made in 1972. The instrument has been sterilized and put into fine playing condition in our repair shop. The smooth black plastic case is included.
    (It comes without a mouthpiece, but we do sell new mouthpiece, ligature, and cap for an extra $30.00, or if purchased with this instrument you can have it for $25). $175.00
  • Mirage clarinet outfit, good sounding composite body.  $295
    Mirage_clarinet.jpg (20717 bytes)
  • Vito (Julian Bliss) LeBlanc Clarinet, model V7214 WC.
    Brand new,.584" bore, high impact ABS Resin with wood-like finish, and density, producing an amazingly fine sound with great ease. Nickel silver key work -- strong and resistant to bending, and comfortable for all player's fingers. Specially Designed Mouthpiece for successful playing right even for beginners, building better center of tone and embouchure. High quality wood case. Our Canadian discounted price is $849.


  • New Fox Renard Oboe model 330 with the extra low Bflat vent key to
    bring out the low note really well. $4200
  • Conn Artley Oboe. Like new $595
  • NOBEL Mistral Oboe. Model number #12030: This oboe is made of "wood-composite" which is 90% ebony wood and 10% carbon fibre and bonding material. It has the same weight and density as natural ebony, but is much easier to maintain. It is identical to the Greenline material used by the Buffet-Crampon on their Model #3613GL professional oboes.  The sound is professional. $2895  See www.nobelinstruments.com/en

English Horns

  • Howarth grenadilla wood English Horn excellent condition with  the original double case and cover (in fine condition) for the English horn and an oboe.       SOLD


  • Fox
  • Selmer
  • Nobel Bassoon Model #13010. The Nobel Mistral bassoon has an enviable reputation. Canadian Maple stained and varnished, Heckel colour, silver plated keys, two superior quality bocals, with seatstrap, imitation ivory bell ring, silver plated keys, high D key, F# roller, Bb/E/F# rollers, left hand whisper key lock, body lock, hand rest, balance hanger, supplied with two superior quality bocals, classic case with integral cover.  It is truly unbeatable in terms of design, craftsmanship, key options and sophistication of sound. $4895.
    see www.nobelinstruments.com/en

Soprano saxophone

Alto Saxophones:

  • Yanigasawa A991 Alto Sax, professional, brand new with excellent case. High F# key, double arm low B & C, quality table keys, F auxillary and low C# mechanism, comfortable contoured independent palm keys, hand-engraved bell. Our discounted price is $3949.
  • Mirage Eflat Alto Saxophone (with High F#), outfit. Lacquered brass. Fine sound.  Fine case $895
  • Nobel Alto Sax outfit, lacquered brass, great sound, easy to play #15113   $965.00
  • Nobel "Mistral "Alto Sax outfit, (1960's Selmer Mark VI model ) in vintage bronze-coloured brass, model #15125,  This beautiful alto has a darker and more homogenous sound throughout the registers. Perfect for classical music, it is also sought after by jazz players looking for a deep sound.$1659.00
  • Nobel "Mistral -Jazz Spirit" Alto Sax outfit -- High quality jazz sound   #15120  $1995.00 www.nobelinstruments.com/en 
  • Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Sax outfit with French-made Henri Selmer Paris neck and mouthpiece.
    Brand new. High F# key, ribbed construction keys, yellow brass body and keys, comfortable adjustable metal righthand thumbrest, Hand-engraved, French BAM case. Our Canadian discounted price is $2695.
  • Selmer "LaVoix" Alto Sax outfit, model #Ak018 $2240
  • Selmer AS600 Aristocrat alto sax outfit.
    Brand new. High quality clear lacquered brass body. Nickel-plated keys, high F# key, rocking table key mechanism with handy articulated C# adjusting screw. Nice case. Our Canadian discounted price is $1350
  • Eastman Saxophones available by order. Please inquire for our prices.

Tenor Saxophones: (10% off any outfit pending availability)

  • Mirage Tenor Saxophone outfit, gold lacquered, High F key, includes case. Model #BDSX562 $895
  • Yanagisawa Tenor Sax, T991 Professional outfit.
    Lacquered brass, high F# key, high quality newly designed table keys, double arm low B and C, F auxillary and low C# mechanism, comfortable contoured independent palm keys, hand-engraved bell. Our discounted Canadian price is $4369.
  • Selmer TS600 Tenor Sax outfit. Aristocrat.
    Brand new. Clear lacquered brass body. Nickel-plated keys. High F# key, Rocking Table Key mechanism with a handy articulated C# adjusting screw. Our discounted Canadian price is $1850.
  • Nobel Tenor Sax outfit, Fine lacquered brass, model #15218     $1295
  • Nobel "Mistral" Tenor sax outfit, Black nickel with silver keys, very classy, high quality tenor sax, model #15235     $2469
    See: www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Eastman Saxophones available by order. Please inquire for our prices.

Baritone Saxophones

  • Nobel "Mistral" Baritone Sax Outfit. Light-weight, well-padded, thermoplastic case with alumninum valence and wheels for easy carrying.  model #15211   $3495
    See: www.nobelinstruments.com/en

Trumpets, Cornet, Flugelhorn

  • Bach 180S-37 Bell.
    Silver plated trumpet, professional level, brand new, standard .459 Medium Large Bore, monel pistons, standard #25 leadpipe, standard weight body. Our Canadian discounted price is $2849.
  • Bach 300H2S Trumpet outfit. Silver-plated. Brand new. Plays well. $995
  • Bach TR200.
    Clear lacquered brass trumpet, brand new, performance level trumpet, .459" bore, Stradivarius style valve casing, Monel pistons. A true trumpet sound. Our discounted price is $1825
  • Amati Flugel Horn Outfit $695
  • Nobel Trumpet (silver, engraved) $749
  • Nobel Bflat/A Piccolo trumpet (silver) $780
  • Novel C trumpet (silver) $780
  • Nobel Flugelhorn $895, B-flat Cornet (engraved, shepherd's crook)   $780: see www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Mirage TR200 trumpet outfits, brass with special features and professional monel valves $325
  • Eastman model ETR520 semi-professional Silver Trumpet.   Very fine sound and playability. Case included.  $985
  • Getzen USA model 300 Trumpet used, good shape, $295     SOLD
  • Eastman Trumpet Outfits - many B-flat models in Yellow Brass or Gold Brass Bells (warmer), or either model silverplated.
                                        - two C trumpet models
                                        - two D trumpet models
          Please see Eastman Trumpets website:

French Horns (single and double)

  • Holton Farkas model H177 Professional Double French Horn
    All Brand New with Case and mouthpiece. Bb/F, Medium Throat, Kruspe Wrap, All Nickel finish. Our special Canadian price is $4495.
  • "Diplomat" Chinese Double F/Bflat  French Horn.This horn comes complete with case and good silver mouthpiece. All valves work smoothly.  Two years old. Very nice condition. Regular  $895. Sales price $595
  • Huttl Germany "F" Horn. Made in Germany. Fine condition. Plays well. Includes new case. $495
  • Eastman Double French Horn model EFH420, warm, full sounding rose-brass bell, Krusp wrap, open throat, recognised for full tone, excellent pitch and projection, with case - fine student instrument $1850   SOLD
  • Andreas Eastman Advanced Double French Horn, Krusp wrap, open throat, recognised for full tone, excellent pitch and projection, with case - Professional sound, $2350     SOLD
  • Nobel Double French Horn model #16205, European Geyer wrap, medium throat, with case. It comes with a leather hand grip installed. All slides and valves are well lubricated and work perfectly. Brand new with attractive case.  $1995
    See www.nobelinstruments.com/en 
  • Conn 6D Double F/Bb Artist French Horn Outfit
    Brand new. Performance level F/Bb French horn. 4-valve inline "Geyer" wrap. 12" bell of yellow brass, .468 bore. Nickel outer slides. Wonderful sound, tuning, and playability. Tapered rotors and bearings. Clear lacquered brass. Our discounted price is $3369 CDN    SOLD
  • Conn 6D Double F/Bb Artist French Horn - lightly used outfit.
    The finish on this used french horn is still like new. Performance level F/Bb French horn. 4-valve inline "Geyer" wrap. 12" bell of yellow brass, .468 bore. Nickel outer slides. Wonderful sound, tuning, and playability. Tapered rotors and bearings. Clear lacquered brass. Only lightly used by one owner for 3 years. $1850.00 CDN
  • Professional Eastman Double F/Bb French Horn outfit. All new with Case. Model EFH820N. Ready to play. Fantastic tone. Photos available.
    Regular $3695. Our price $3250.
  • Conn 8D Double F/Bb "Connstellation" French Horn, standard outfit. Brand new, Professional French Horn, all nickel, with 4-valve Kruspe Wrap, .468 bore, 12.25 inch large throat bell, tapered rotors and bearings, fully mechanical change valve, adjustable levers, clear lacquer finish. Easy playing, fantastic full rich Hollywood Movies sound. Our discounted price is $4830.00 CDN.

Baritone, Euphonium

  • Nobel Euphonium (3-valve) #16240  $1295   See www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Nobel Euphonium, (4-valve) #16300    $1695
  • Holton Collegiate B470R Baritone.
    Nice size. Light weight. Brass Baritone. Upright bell. Three front pistons. Plays easily with full sound in upper and lower range, and plays in tune throughout the range. $1875
  • King Silver-plated Baritone, model 627SP, outfit.
    Brand new. Three front-action piston valves, comfortable size and lighter weight, good pull rings on first and second slides, .562 bore for full lower tones and brilliant clean upper tones, easy response, 11 inch upright bell. Our discounted price is $2509 CDN
  • Eastman Baritone  - 3 valves
         Please email us: riedstra@orc.ca
  • Eastman Euphoniums - Intermediate model with 3 valves
                                     - Advanced model with 4 valves (all in line, or with one on the side)
                                     - Please email us:  riedstra@orc.ca


  • Diplomat Bflat/F Trombone model 300, with thumb trigger $495   SOLD
  • Bach 42BO Stradivarius Trombone, Professional Bb/F.
    Open wrap .547 large bore for big sound trombone with light-weight comfortable F rotor that has a clear full sound even in the lower register.
    8.5" hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass outer slide. Our discounted Canadian price is $3179
  • Conn USA, model 52H Artist F/Bb Trombone Outfit.
    Brand new Performance level trombone outfit with traditional F/Bb rotor and trigger. Full sound with standard .547 main bore size. Easy response Dual bore handslide .525/.547, standard Tenor Shank, 8 5/8" rose brass bell for nice rich tone. Clear lacquered brass. Fine wooden case. Our discounted price is $1895.00 CDN.
  • Conn USA, model 88HO "Symphony" F/Bb Trombone Outfit
    Brand new Professional level F/Bb trombone with traditional light weightrotor and trigger, plays beautifully well, .547 primary bore with .562 main bore, open wrap F section, 8.5" rosebrass bell, rosebrass outer slide for great depth of sound and full volume. clear lacquered brass. Excellent wooden case. Our discounted price is $2699.00 CDN
  • Andreas Eastman , model ETB630 Bflat/F Trombone by Shires, $1895
  • Eastman Trombone model ETB320 Trombone $495
    See Eastman Trombones website:
  • Nobel Trombone #16106  $495  See www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • BASS TROMBONE by NOBEL Bflat/F/Gflat, Model#16104, Serial# BTO7042002 $1995 Lacquered brass content, two convenient and useful thumb triggers -- The left thumb "F" trigger is for playing all 6th position notes in first position, and the right thumb "Gflat" trigger is for playing all 5th position notes in first position.  These thumb triggers also allow other notes to be played in other positions. Hand-polished outer slide; silver plated mouthpiece; strong lightweight black covered case with interior and exterior pockets. Professional quality tone. This bass trombone is the best I've played in the mid-price range
  • Used Vintage Conn 50H Trombone Bflat/F model with thumb trigger, made in
    1968, a very special trombone in very fine condition with original case in fine condition too. Our #CAL. $1800.
  • "Mirage" (Canadian trade mark) trombone outfit. Easy playing instrument with good full sound. only $395
  • YSL 354 Yamaha trombone - used, plays well with fine case. $295   SOLD

Valve Trombones


  • Nobel Standard 3/4 size #16310 Bb TUBA: Nice sounding Tuba with 0.689’’ bore, lacquered brass, 3 top action valves, detachable rose brass lead pipe, 15’’ upright bell, silver-plated mouthpiece, sturdy nylon covered case with wheels. $2295   See www.nobelinstruments.com/en
  • Nobel Mistral model #16315 Bb TUBA (4 ROTARY VALVES), lacquered brass with nickel plated slide tubes and fittings, four hand-adjusted rotary valves all ball-bearing linkages, available in ''piggy wrap" or full size, silver-plated mouthpiece, The bore size is .748 inches (19mm), and the bell size is 16 3/4 inches, ABS case with wheels. This tuba is a must for any high school band. It is very light and easy to manipulate $2850

We are an authorized dealer and service depot of Conn - Selmer company instruments: Conn, Selmer, Bach, King, Yanagisawa, Armstrong, Emerson, Prelude, Aristocrat, Vito, Bliss, Lewis & Son, David Adler, etc.

We are an authorized dealer and repair centre Eastman Strings, Eastman Brass and Woodwinds, Eastman Guitars and Mandolins,  Andreas Eastman Flutes,  Haynes Flutes, and Custom Haynes flutes in Canada.  Note: Eastman Winds was the exclusive provider of Baritones and Sousaphones for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra. The Eastman Winds Brass Workshop in Beijing, China, employs many exceptionally talented and dedicated craftspeople. In the Beijing workshop, makers handcraft each instrument to bring that professional feel and sound to the brass line.

These are fabulous modern instruments with old-fashioned quality:  dependable and easy to play with fantastic sound, at reasonable prices, with a great warrantee -- the kinds of instruments a player wants to keep on playing and playing!

Thanks for selecting an Eastman product. Eastman products are designed and manufactured to provide many years of enjoyment and trouble-free performance. Eastman is proud of the craftsmanship that goes into each instrument. Eastman instruments are sold through a network of selected authorized dealers. We are pleased to offer a limited warranty that applies to all new products directly purchased through our authorized dealer network.

Please REGISTER the instrument you purchase and read this warranty in
its entirety. The EASTMAN WARRANTY LINK Is found at the top of this
page: http://eastmanmusiccompany.com/about_page.php#brass

Please email us for PHOTOS of instruments we have, and any price updates
at info@riedstrasviolinshop.com

More Photos and more information may also be viewed on the
www.eastmanmusiccompany.com website.

Brass and Woodwind Repairs

When you leave your instrument in our shop, you will receive a receipt for it.  Then, as soon as possible, Henry Riedstra will give you a written estimate of the cost of repairing your instrument. There may be a $50 fee (50% refundable if you get your instrument repaired here) for the repair estimate since it can take an hour or more to check over and report on a woodwind or even a brass instrument needing a lot of attention.

Henry or Linda Riedstra will get back to you within a day or two and will discuss with you the cost of all the major and minor repairs, and/or restoration of your woodwind or brass instrument. Putting your instrument into Play Condition for example, will be a lower price than giving the instrument a total Overhaul.
Examples of some of the repairs we have done and will do for you:

Some instruments Henry Riedstra has repaired/restored include:
Alto Saxes: Mark VI Selmer from the 1060's, Abbott Professional, Conn (1920's),   several other Selmer saxophones
Tenor Sax: Selmer
Flutes: Bundy, Armstrong, Artley, Gemeinhardt
Clarinets: several Bundy clarinets, a Selmer clarinet, a Vito bass clarinet
Oboes: Linton composite Oboe, Conn, Cabart Oboe, Selmer oboe
English Horn: Howarth grenadilla wood
Bassoon:  fox bassoon model IV, an old unbranded Bassoon
Trumpet or Cornet: Joseph Higham Cornet from the 1870's, Bach Trumpet,
Getzen model 300 trumpet, a Yamaha trumpet, an old Army Bugle
Trombone: a Conn Director trombone, Conn 6H, Conn 50H Trombone, Conn B
flat/F trombone, Conn Bass trombone
French Horn:  an Ambassador double French horn, a Yamaha double French
horn, a Huttl German single F Horn
Tuba: a Besson 2-20 tuba
We have also setup several new brass and woodwind instruments for
customers and others which we are stocking in the store for sale.

On woodwinds (including sax), we supply missing parts, install new pads (repadding), replace head cork, new felt, new key corks, new springs, pivot screws, guard screws, and new posts.  We also re-level pads and regulate them, round out and adjust joints and tenons for proper fit, improve the action, remove dents, unsolder, or solder and re-solder loose parts, align and reposition and reshape and straighten bent keys and rods, levers and springs, and eliminate buzzes and noises.  Furthermore, we do regulation of keys, level the tone holes, and replace thumbrest screws, dissassemble and reassemble, disinfect, clean, lube and test play all instruments.  We can do some relacquering and we will quote on replating if needed or wanted.  In essence, we can provide you with a thorough overhaul.

On brass instruments, we remove dents, and lube stuck slides, and valves, align trombone slides and other slides, brush polish valves and casings, replace screws, supply new lead pipes, replace missing parts, level bell rims, roll out creases, and eliminate buzzes and noises.  On French horns, we also fix and unseize binding or stuck rotors, fix braces, and restring as well.   Not only that, but we also replace felts and cork, water key springs; unassemble, re-assemble, untwist, unsolder, or solder, and re-solder braces and loose parts, and straighten mouthpiece shanks.  We also do complete valve jobs, clean, brush and polish,  and test play all instruments.  We can do some relacquering and we will quote on replating if needed or wanted.  Essentially, we can provide you with a thorough overhaul.

On cases, we can fix or replace case latches, and parts, glue loose linings and clean them or supply a new case.

Consignments and Trade Ins

We will consider all brass and woodwind instruments for consignment.

We will consider purchasing your used instruments or taking them in as a partial trade-in on another new or pre-owned instrument.

You will receive a receipt for your consignment instrument and any possible repairs needed when you leave your instrument in our violin shop area at the same address. Henry Riedstra will examine your instrument and give you an extimate on value and repair/restoration as soon as possible, sometimes on the spot depending what your instrument needs. Putting your instrument into good "Playing Condition" for example, will be a lower price than restoring the instrument to like new.

Verbal estimates of value cost $25.00 unless the instrument is left on consignment until sold. For some consignment instruments requiring extensive repair, there will be a fee of $50 for any repair estimate that requires more than 15 minutes to examine the instrument, although this is 50% refundable if the instrument is left for repair and consignment.

Accessories - like Mouthpieces, Ligatures, Reeds, pads and swabs, neckstraps, oils and lubricants, cases, gig bags, are also available.

Also see out listing of Brass and Woodwind teachers on our Teachers page.

Please E-mail us for a quote on prices not shown above.