Riedstra's Violin Shop
Complete Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass
(standup, acoustic, upright, double) and Bow
sales, restoration, rental and appraisal for the discerning musician since 1973.


We have two violin, viola, cello, bass and bow stores with repair and rehair shops. There is a shop and store in Kitchener - Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario, Canada.  We are close to Guelph, Cambridge, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Mississauga, Goderich, Woodstock, Brantford, Oakville and Burlington. We also sell and repair brass and woodwind instruments, and accordions. 


Our stores have been supplying both Canadian and International clients with violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows and the services they require for over a quarter century.



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Riedstra's Violin Shop
239 Victoria Street N
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada     N2H 5C9
Ph: 1-519-743-3838
Hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday - Saturday
Please call for an appointment time.


Riedstra's Violin Shop
38 Neal Avenue
Stratford, Ontario, Canada    N5A 6W8
Hours: By appointment only for:
Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (at this location).
Evenings are occasionally available as well by appointment.

New Covid 19 Procedures: April 7, 2022

A. In Kitchener, our store is open by appointment, for one or two people (or by curbside). Our store, staff and workshops are functioning full-time with sanitary procedures.

If you need an instrument, bow, or any accessories, supplies or repairs / restorations / rentals / appraisals or consignments, please call us for a convenient appointment time (519-743-3838 in Kitchener).

If you come without an appointment, we will try to help you, but you may have to wait, or be helped curbside, if we already have an appointment at that time. Our workshop washroom is not open to the public.

In Stratford, we are available by appointment only. (519-273-4082 in Stratford, Ontario).

All covid protocols are still in place. We cannot help you if you do not have a proper mask. You will be required to hand sanitize when you arrive. Please maintain 2 metres distance from us. whether in our store or outside the front of our store.

Please do not come here if you are sick with any transmissable virus, or if you have been exposed to anyone who is sick in the last two weeks..

B. Payments can be made in four possible ways:

1. E-transfer: For payments you can make "well in advance." (E-transfers can sometimes take an hour or two before they show up on our computer, from the bank), for any items, especially those over $250 including tax.
Please send your e-transfer to:
We have automatic deposit at this email. Please double check the spelling carefully.

2. TAP: In-store or curbside for amounts under $250 including tax. If curbside, we can tap your credit card in our store if you have that feature on your card, while you wait outside 2 meters or more from our front door. (Please make sure you do have this tap feature before you come for a pickup).

3. CASH: In-store or curbside.

4. DEBIT (Preferred) or credit card. Note: we do not accept credit card for payments over $2000.

C. If you cannot wear a mask, please bring someone else along who does wear one, and who can do your curbside or in-store pickup or drop off, by appointment.

D. In Stratford, our workshop/store also requires masks and social distancing and is presently only available for contactless curbside pickups and drop offs by appointment.

E. Provided you pay in advance, we can also ship anything you would like such as:

- all instruments (violin family, brass, and woodwinds, guitars and mandolins), bows, cases, that we have for sale and for rent. We also have music, books, cd's, records, and all accessories.

We can send packages by mail or courier to you, at cost price.

F. If you have a dropoff appointment time, you may drop off stringed instruments (also brass and woodwinds) and bows for repairs, bow rehairing, evaluations, and appraisals. For consignments, we can discuss those first by email or phone. We will try to respond to you within 48 hours, but it could take longer sometimes.

*** Please phone for an appointment for your curbside pickup or dropoff. 519-743-3838 in Kitchener,
(or 519-273-4082 in Stratford).

* Please phone us when you get to our parking lot so we know who has arrived.

* For items being left for Repair, or for Evaluation, please put a note with it that has your pertinent information and the date on it, for us. Please note that for instruments being left for repair or evaluation, it could sometimes take a day or more, before we can start them
For Bows, we can often start on them the same day or next day.

For Purchases, or Rentals, please discuss with us on the phone, or by email what you would like to have. If we have time, we can send pictures and descriptions. We will do our best to select the best exact item(s) you would like from our extensive collection to match your request and your budget.

If you decide to return or exchange an instrument, bow, or case for another, please let us know within 7 days, and we will arrange an in-store appointment time for you to drop off the first item(s) [which must be in the same condition as when sold], and for you to pickup the replacement item(s). There is no restocking fee, if you paid by e-transfer. *** However, if you paid by credit card there is a 4% restocking fee if the first item costs more than the second, and then only on the difference in price between the two items. (We don't get that fee back from the credit card companies.)

Safety procedures: Please only come if you have no symptoms of illness, and you have not knowingly been in contact with anybody that is ill in the last 3 weeks. When dropping off or picking things up outside our store, please make sure you maintain a social distance of 3 meters as much as possible, and wear your mask(s), or we cannot serve you.

Note: Our bathroom will not be open for customer use.

All payments for rental contracts, other contracts, and consignments will continue as normal.

We at Riedstra's Violin Shop are very grateful for your continued support, for helping our staff to continue working.

Henry Riedstra. HBA, BEd.
Luthier, Appraiser, Restorer and Dealer since 1973.



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